Don’t We All Deserve a Treat?

“I can’t believe you didn’t even make it past Day Two,” Bea muttered.

“It’s a beautiful day,” Kai said, squeezing her hand. “Don’t ruin it. You know what Jamie’s like.”

It was Sunday, and they were holding hands, walking to Leigh Woods. The city centre was busy, but the streets grew quieter as they left the shops behind. Kai didn’t like to talk much on walks, and Bea didn’t like to be quiet. Being quiet left too much time for worrying. Sun made the grass sparkle but she couldn’t enjoy it. What was bothering her?

They approached the woods, walked through hazel and oak trees, out into the high open fields of the estate; deer and dog walkers, separated by a fence, then the great house in the distance. Mud and snowdrops, and a great, dripping grey sky.