Choose your mentoring plan

  • Mentoring +

    Every month
    For those working towards a draft of a novel.
    Valid for 18 months
    • 6 bimonthly sessions (critique up to 10,000 words each time)
    • Email contact and e-critique.
    • Introduction to agents if work is of marketable standard.
    • Support finding and approaching agents.
    • Support writing a synopsis.
    • Full read of final draft of manuscript.
  • Best Value

    Mentoring P.A.Y.G.

    Perfect for someone who wants a more flexible approach.
    • One-to-one mentoring session as required (2,000 word limit).
    • Detailed feedback on your W-I-P and guidance about market.
    • Email contact and e-critique. Skype optional.
    • Introduction to agents if work is of marketable quality.
  • Gratitude plan

    Every month
    Does Beautiful Hangover help you stay sober? Then subscribe!
    • Most popular posts and exclusive monthly posts.
    • + the warm, smug feeling of supporting an indie writer. : )